The members of the Moscow Bar Association “Korchago & Partners” provide legal service in according to the Federal Law No. 63-FL of 05.31.2002 "Work of the lawyers in Russian Federation" and the requirements of The Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers. This provides high level of services and guarantees the confidentiality of any information related to the procedure, including the fact that the principal addressed the lawyer.

The aim of the Moscow Bar Association “Korchago & Partners” is to provide the highest level of legal services that correspond international Standards of Justice.

Our lawyers provide qualified legal service to Russian and foreign principals: both citizens and companies. According to the skills of lawyers, they can provide protection in criminal cases and in cases of administrative offenses, the representation of the rights and interests of principals in Russian and foreign courts (economic and other disputes).

Bar Association “Korchago & Partners” is located in Moscow, but we also work in different Russian cities and other countries. We also provide legal support to foreign partners. Principles of our Bar Association are leading companies in the metallurgical, oil and gas, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical and other sectors of the economy.

Each member of our Bar Association is self-employed and has a great experience in various areas of law. At the same time, in order to achieve a professional goal, lawyers work as a team, providing combined approach in order to solve the problem. The principals and defendants can always expect that the layers of the Bar Association will do a deep research and find all of the  possible ways to solve the problem.Due to our lawyers’ the great observation of details and individual approach, the services of the Bar Association are always highly qualified.

We are pleased to offer our principals assistance in the areas of corporate law, restructuring and bankruptcy, real estate transactions, criminal protection and other areas.

Moreover, our lawyers often perform as experts and provide the Media with the professional opinion on different current problems of our society.

Our team

Chairman of the Bar Association, Managing Partner.
Deputy Chairman of the Bar Association, Managing Partner.
Lawyer, partner of the Bar Association
Head of Practice
Lawyer’s assistant
Lawyer’s trainee
Lawyer’s trainee